Register and connect to BlastShield™ using a FIDO2 Key

Register and connect to BlastShield™ using a FIDO2 Key

The most common way to authenticate with BlastShield™ is to use the Mobile Authenticator app installed on a mobile device with biometrics. If you do not have access to a mobile device with biometric support (fingerprint recognition or face-ID) then you may alternatively use a FIDO2 compliant key to authenticate.

Here, we explain how to register a FIDO2 Key, set the secret access PIN, and register with the BlastShield™ network using the provided invitation file.

Activate your FIDO2 Key

Please ensure you have your FIDO2 key available for this step.  This example uses a Yubikey, and the following activation steps summarize the Yubikey activation process. For other key vendors, please consult with BlastWave for vendor compatibility and activation instructions.

To begin the activation process you will need to download and install the Yubikey Manager to your computer. You can download the Yubikey Manager here.

Once you have downloaded and installed the Yubikey Manager perform the following activations steps.

  1. Launch the Yubikey Manager Application
  2. Plug your Yubikey into your laptop. It should be discovered by the application
  3. Select "Applications"
  4. Select "FIDO2"
  5. Select "Set PIN" to assign a PIN to your Yubikey
  6. Create and Confirm your key PIN (Please remember your PIN)
  7. You will receive confirmation that "FIDO2 PIN was set"
  8. Watch the video below to see the activation process

At this point you have activated your FIDO2 key and have assigned a PIN. You will use this PIN to register your key to the BlastShield™ network, and to login to the BlastShield™ network in the future.

Register and Login to BlastShield™

Note: this step requires three items to complete the registration and initial login to BlastShield™:

  • Your registered FIDO2 Key
  • The Invitation file (.bsi) sent from BlastWave in your welcome email
  • The BlastShield™ Client app for your computer. Download the Mac Client here and download the Windows Client here. For Linux environments, please contact BlastWave personnel to determine your specific Linux build and app.

Once you have downloaded the BlastShield™ Client App perform the following steps:

  1. Ensure your registered FIDO2 Key is plugged into your computer
  2. Launch the BlastShield™ Client App
  3. Enter the security PIN for your FIDO2 Key
  4. Select "Add new" - this is when you will register this key to the network
  5. Locate and select the invitation file (.bsi) for this key
  6. Enter a name for this network (Note: this can be any name of your choosing)
  7. You will be prompted to touch both metal sides of your Yubikey to create new credentials
  8. Next, you will be prompted to touch the key again to sign in to the network
  9. Watch the video below to see the registration and login process

At this point you have registered your FIDO2 key to the network, and are signed in to the BlastShield™ network.

Note: The BlastShield™ Desktop app must remain running while you are connected to the network.