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Why does my BlastShield™ Windows Agent not start?

Some older versions of the tunnel driver used on the Windows Agent may not start due to incompatibilities with the Windows OS. This is resolved by upgrading to a new version of the BlastShield Windows Agent. Contact BlastWave for a updated version of the Agent.

How do I access a BlastShield™ network

You can remotely access a BlastShield™ network using your FIDO2 Compliant Key, or the BlastShield™ Authenticator app. Both methods are highly secure and eliminate common threats such as phishing, and lateral attacks.

What types of networks can BlastShield™ run over?

BlastShield™ runs over any network (TCP/IP, SCADA, Internet, SD-WAN, etc.). In fact, BlastShield™ can even run over raw ethernet. This flexibility makes BlastShield™ perfect for complex network environments.

How hard is it to deploy?

BlastShield™ is very easy to deploy, and a small network can be up and running in minutes. If you want to learn how to deploy a BlastShield™ network you can view our Quick Start Guide.

How does BlastShield™ make assets invisible?

BlastShield™ Gateways (software instances) are placed in-line in front of assets you want to protect. Once the gateway is in place, only authorized authenticated BlastShield Users will be able to access the asset. Access control to protected systems is controlled by policy.

What is BlastShield™?

BlastShield™ is a secure private network solution that protects assets and data by making them invisible to everyone except authenticated users. Unlike SSL-VPN based solutions, that have known exploits, BlastShield uses a patent-pending encrypted transport methodology that is immune to SSL-VPN exploits.